Prescient Osprey

Osprey Team Set to Go the Distance

From the moment Balfour Beatty partnered with modular construction firm, Prescient, on the Osprey, the project team established many noteworthy goals for this mixed-use, multifamily development: accelerating the schedule to achieve the owner’s desired pro forma, seamlessly integrating the prefabricated structural installation with on-site labor and being among the first projects using the Prescient solution to…

Construction Tech Sector Funding Rises As Prescient Raises $50M More

Construction might not be top of mind when one thinks of sexy sectors in tech; however, that could be exactly why it’s one of the faster-growing sectors when it comes to capturing investor interest. It’s been around forever, with companies conducting many processes in the same old tired (and inefficient) ways for decades. What (multi-trillion dollar) industry could be more ripe for disruption?

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